2023 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Emil Ekiyor Jr. (OG – Alabama)

As the NFL season wraps up, FantasyPros will take a look at early scouting reports from the NFL ahead of the March combine. Here’s a look at Emil Ekyor Jr.

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2023 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Emil Ekiyor Jr. (OG – Alabama)

Emil Ekiyor Jr. (OG – Alabama)

6’3” – 307 lbs


Four-star recruit who switched redshirts in 2018 and then played 134 snaps in 2019, 55 of which landed at left flank against Arkansas before taking a starting role at right flank, where he has been for the past three years. Started a total of forty career games and only allowed two sacks.


Thick-built three-year starter for arguably college football’s most important program and has the kind of polish you’d expect. Plays with solid competitiveness and physicality and shows impressive work performance. Can attack the outside shoulder and create movement to lock in defenders inside. Has solid close-range quickness to successfully set up defenders in space; does a good job of engaging at the second level. Can move to the left side of the line and snap through defenders. Puts his hands in and shows solid grip strength and excellent effort to follow the whistle. Keeps his feet engaged after contact and has above average functional strength to create movement. Works well on double team blocks. Was a bright and successful passport keeper at school. Keeps his head spinning and actively looking for enemies to block. Play with a wide base and a solid squat. Proactive with his punch. Overall lateral quickness is above average for its size. Drops an early anchor against the Force.


The consistency from game to game wasn’t quite on the same level as some of the other prospects in the class. Measurements at the Combine can affect its blueprint pool; The size given is rather reasonable and doesn’t appear to have the longest arms. Can play outside of his frame, causing him to hit the ground more often than desired. The game is usually relatively easy on the eye, but there are a few instances where he lunges at opponents and misses. Could be a bit more powerful and precise with his punch. Has no starting experience beyond right guard.


A three-year-old starter who may not have any outstanding physical or athletic attributes but also has no obvious weaknesses in his game, combining generally sound technique with excellent effort/physicality and solid short-track quickness and functional strength. These traits give it a relatively high level and could make it a starter among the pros. Alabama’s offense relies more on zone concepts in the running game, but fits best into a gap/power scheme.

Projection: Round 3-4

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