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Alabama Farm-City Week 2022 announced

Published Tuesday 22 November 2022 20:48

Farm City Week has been celebrated throughout Alabama since 1955. Farm City Week 2022 will take place from November 18th to 24th. The theme of Farm City Week is “Sustaining for the Future”. Farm-City’s educational program aims to ensure that farming and forestry continues for future generations.

By proclamation of Pike County’s governing bodies, the week of November 18-24 is Pike County’s Farm City Week.

The proclamation states:

For over 60 years, the American people have observed Farm City Week during Thanksgiving week to express gratitude for the gifts that God has blessed our country with and to recognize the accomplishments of the farmers, country folk, and city dwellers who support our nation agricultural make production and distribution system so successful. Verily, this cooperation between country and city dwellers for mutual benefit contributes to the welfare of our country.

Decade after decade of progress, America’s farmers have provided food and fiber to feed our population. Farmers’ productivity has steadily increased, mainly thanks to their initiative to support and adopt the methods and materials developed by scientific research. Yield per acre has increased tremendously, with the result that American farmers can not only meet the nation’s basic food needs, but also produce agricultural commodities for export and for a variety of specialty markets here in the United States and around the world World.

American agriculture and the many service industries that depend on it in cities and towns and all the avenues in between are a story of extraordinary work that creates extraordinary wealth. At this time of year, it is only fitting that all Americans make a special mark of gratitude to those who plant, harvest, and bring to our nation’s tables the fruits of the sun, seed, and soil.

Therefore, we, the Representatives of Pike County, Alabama, by virtue of our delegated authority, hereby proclaim the week beginning November 16 through November 23, 2022 as Alabama Farm-City Week. We call on all citizens, rural and urban alike, to collectively recognize the achievements of our productive farmers and our city dwellers who work together to create abundance, prosperity and strength for our nation.