Alabama Football: Lane Kiffin Rumors are swirling around Auburn, Iron Bowl

Happy Tuesday everyone. Nick Saban spoke to reporters and, predictably, heaped praise on the opponent.

“They run the ball effectively,” he said. “They have a lot of variety on offense. Your quarterback is a very athletic player who can run and throw. Tank is one of the better defenders in the SEC. Their defense is very, very aggressive. [Owen] Pappoe is a really good inside backer. [Derick] Hall is a really good rusher, creating a lot of negative plays. They are very good on special teams.

“This is a very challenging game for us and our players need to do a great job of preparing to play as well as we have played all season.”

He also mentioned that the cornerback space is a little thin at the moment because of the suspension of Khyree Jackson.

Jackson competed in Alabama’s first nine games that season, including a start in Texas. According to photos distributed by the school, he only attended practice the Tuesday before the Ole Miss game.

Alabama chose to start Terrion Arnold that season as a sophomore against Jackson, then replaced Arnold with Eli Ricks until Ricks suffered a concussion in the first game against Ole Miss. Saban said Ricks is expected to return to practice Monday.

Alabama’s other grantee cornerbacks are Junior Jahquez Robinson along with freshmen Antonio Kite, Earl Little II and Trequon Fegans.

No idea what he did, but Alabama is one injury away from a youngster playing meaningful snaps. Earl Little Jr. caused quite a stir a few weeks ago.

You can see all of Nick’s comments below.

Alabama’s two biggest stars spoke about staying for a bowl game.

“I haven’t made any decisions yet,” Anderson said Monday. “I’ve just been very focused on this season and on continuing to be a good leader and making sure I show the guys how to do things right here. But it’s a great time here. Playing in Bryant-Denny was fun, so many memories. I just want to keep these memories going. It was fun and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

Young added, “When I think about my future, I take everything one day at a time. All I focused on all year was the next opponent and obviously that’s huge. This is a huge game. That means a lot to me, to the people across the country, to us as a team. This is a huge game, so I’m just thinking about today. How can I be the best version of myself today to prepare to put myself in the best of circumstances, how can we do that as a team and that’s just my focus.”

yes they are gone Aside from a playoff spot thanks to a heaping helping of chaos that might rival what would follow if you turned down a second plate of Grandma’s Kitchen on Thursday, this game will be the last you see of these two in crimson.

Michael Casagrande has written about the lack of trick play ever since Alabama began churning out first-round QBs.

Kiffin, the offensive coordinator in the year of the successful onside kick against Clemson, said Saban was keen to have discussions about the fake kicks and other trick plays before they ever saw the light of day.

“He would want to know what that week was and why. A lot of times you ran it for him before, so… If they worked, he was happy,” Kiffin said. “If they didn’t work, you got ass chewing.”

Alabama’s had less incentive to fake a field goal after Will Reichard brought a degree of consistency previously lacking. Since arriving in 2019, he’s had an 82% success rate on 61 of 74 kicks, and Alabama hasn’t attempted a fake since.

Speaking of Lane, a Starkville reporter who claims to be aware of the situation broke the news last night.

Well, on the surface this seems like a good troll from a rival before the Egg Bowl, but it should be noted that Jon broke the news that Mississippi State AD John Cohen was going to Auburn and this connection might some sources for this provide his hiring plans. Admittedly, it’s a little odd to note that Auburn didn’t offer the job to anyone after claiming that Lane would quit for the job. Jimmy Sexton works behind the scenes in one way or another.

In any case, Lane denied the report with his usual wit.

We will see.

After all, Brandon Miller is already highly rated by at least one NBA draft analyst.

Brandon certainly looks good and we seem to have pieces around him. This should be a fun season.

That’s it for now. Have a great day.

tide roll.