Alabama High School robotics teams compete in a district-wide event

Students from all eight Montgomery public high schools stood around the fenced-off playing fields Friday afternoon. You use robots to move bright yellow pucks across the board in hopes of scoring as many points as possible.

Last January, Hyundai awarded the district a $78,000 grant to expand the district’s robotics program from all middle schools to all high schools. Robotics has allowed these students to explore their interest in engineering and make friends who share this enthusiasm.

Friday’s competition found robots on either the blue side or the red side. The teams tried to get the pucks into elevated goals. If the puck falls into the goal area instead of the goal, the other team gets a point.

Participants gathered in the auditorium at Loveless Academic Magnet Program High School. Every now and then a bell would ring or a voice would come over the loudspeaker, urging a student to come into the office, interrupting the commotion. Students ran through the gym, including one who skidded to a halt when he realized he was standing on a TV camera.