Alabama’s Bill O’Brien would be “amazing” for Mac Jones, an insider says

According to Ian Rapoport, there’s a growing expectation that Alabama offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien is preparing for a reunion with the New England Patriots. Former Crimson Tide quarterback Mac Jones would be part of the equation as he enters his third year in the NFL.

“I feel like it’s pretty safe to say that Bill O’Brien is the leader in the clubhouse here,” Rapoport said this week on the NFL Insiders Podcast. “I mean, there’s not really a clubhouse. He hasn’t conducted an interview yet. But if there’s a clubhouse, I think he’ll be the leader. I think there are a lot of people, a lot of voices in the Patriots organization that want Bill O’Brien being the OC and it makes a lot of sense. I mean for MacJones, I think it would be awesome. Obviously there is a lot of familiarity there.

“I believe Bill O’Brien would come in and bring this Patriots offense back up to the success they’ve had, but it’s interesting because there are some people who think the Patriots should have a new voice. Bill O’Brien learned a lot at university. I mean, the collegiate offense, the collegiate landscape is very different than the NFL. I think it will when it is Bill O’Brien. I think he’ll be refreshed and renewed with more ideas than the last time he had an incredibly good offense for the Patriots.”

O’Brien remains signed as Alabama’s offensive coordinator and performs his duties under Nick Saban on the recruiting lane this month while speculation about his candidacy continues according to a report by NBC Sports Boston’s Tom E. Curran for the vacancy on the Patriots coaching staff. said report Wednesday on NFL Network that the Patriots currently have three OC candidates: O’Brien, Keenan McCardell and Nick Caley.

“Then you have Bill O’Brien, who’s certainly a front runner here,” Rapoport said. “Most people think he’s the favorite, I would say, to get the offensive coordinator job. Not that anything is being done at all – I’m just saying that he has a well-established position as someone that many people within the organization wanted back. Currently the Alabama offensive coordinator who is recruiting.”

O’Brien is the Patriots’ “primary target” for the same position in the NFL franchise. according to a report by NBC Sports Boston’s Tom E. Curran. New England published a transparent statement last week which detailed the upcoming OC search and a schedule for interviewing candidates, but gave no potential targets.

O’Brien has been tied to Bill Belichick’s coaching staff for weeks Speculations about his candidacy continue to mount.

If O’Brien departs for the NFL, Saban will be left with two coordinator spots Peter Golding was was announced as the new defensive coordinator at Ole Miss this week. Current Oklahoma offensive coordinator Jeff Lebby has Rumored to be a top candidate for Alabama for its opening O’Brien should go.

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Since the end of the NFL regular season, almost all of the smoke surrounding O’Brien’s potential move has revolved around the Patriots and his relationship with Belichick. O’Brien has been tied to several other positions in the NFL, but New England seems to be the franchise with its sights set to Alabama’s Play Caller, according to multiple reports.