Bama and LSU CFB playoff rankings excite fans

Many college football fans are unhappy with the recent playoff rankings for Alabama Football and LSU.

Using some outdated descriptions, the reactions could be defined as hissing fits or dating back to the 19th century, an even stronger term applies, a liaison fit.

Tennessee fans aside, it’s hard to imagine an SEC football fan not liking the college football rage emanating from Pac-12, Big Ten, and ACC fans. The Vols cannot see it because they are mired in their own agony.

For Alabama football fans who aren’t keeping a close eye on this season’s CFB playoff rankings, check out the recap below.

CFB Playoff Rankings – November 22nd

  • Three of the top four teams are in great form as long as they’re winning. Georgia doesn’t have to win. The Bulldogs only need to beat Georgia Tech to secure a playoff berth.
  • Ohio State over Michigan on Saturday would likely knock out the Wolverines.
  • LSU in 5th place with two losses is ahead of USC in 6th place with one loss. If LSU beats Georgia, both teams can make the playoff field.
  • At 10-1, two more wins doesn’t guarantee USC a place in the last four. A two-loss USC doesn’t stand a chance, and neither does a two-loss Oregon, even if one of them is the Pac-12 champion.
  • Alabama with two losses at No. 7 is ahead of Clemson with one loss at No. 8.

What do many fans fear? First, “many” fans doesn’t apply to USC and Oregon fans. There are too few of them compared to SEC, Big Ten and ACC fans. Even without much outrage from the west coast, social media is filled with complaints from the rest of the nation.

Since the latest rankings were released Tuesday night, the SEC’s claims have exploded.

Too many tweets to count have made the same claim. The SEC prejudice doesn’t just come from fans. Numerous college football pundits whine about the same complaint. They are not acknowledged by their inclusion in this post.

Instead, check out the video below, which does two things. It gives a dispassionate look at the playoff contenders. More importantly, it addresses the strongest backlash caused by the thought of Alabama football making the playoffs.

Speaking of Alabama Football sense

Cowherd is right. Alabama football has a way, and it’s more likely than Bama haters believe the Crimson Tide deserves it.

The full current CFB playoff standings can be found here.

To be fair, not to the Vols’ program but to Tennessee fans, it’s understandably hard to accept that their team would beat both LSU and Alabama to finish 10th. Then losing again by 25 points to an unranked team and giving up 63 points to the SEC’s 11th-best offense—that’s unforgivable.