Criminal Case: An Apple Store Theft in Alabama and iPhone Searches

Apple store in Birmingham, AL

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In the latest Apple Crime Blotter, a stolen iPhone goes to China, a blind reporter snatches back his iPhone and a man faces child porn charges after an iPhone search.

The latest in an occasional AppleInsider Series dealing with the world of Apple-related crime.

Smash and grab at the Apple Store in Alabama

A group of at least three masked men entered an Apple store in Alabama on January 13, broke display case locks and stole iPhones. reported.

The theft took place at the Summit Apple Store in Birmingham and the suspects fled in an SUV. Police said they alerted the Apple Store in Huntsville as a precaution.

Blind journalist fends off iPhone robbery in London

journalist for The BBC who happens to be blind, successfully fended off a thief on a bicycle who snatched his iPhone on a London street. After The standardSean Dilley jumped on the

thief and got the device back.

Orthodontist charged after investigator finds explicit photos on his iPhone and iCloud

A Michigan orthodontist has been charged with possession of child pornography, distributing child pornography and using a computer to commit a crime, among other charges, after police said he solicited sexually explicit photos and videos from a then 17-year-old girl.

fox 17 reports that after being questioned, the man hired investigators to search his iPhone and iCloud to prove “no child pornography was stored on it.” However, the investigator found “a large amount of child pornography” and other evidence of wrongdoing and reported his own client.

Following the charges, the man’s orthodontic practice sent a message to patients informing them they were closing.

A Connecticut man has been sentenced to six years in prison on suspicion of having a gun.

According to the Justice Department, the man was charged after a search of another suspect’s iPhone found photos of the man holding handguns he was not authorized to possess. The man was a convicted felon who was not allowed to carry firearms under these conditions.

iPhone stolen from San Francisco ends up in China

A woman who had her iPhone taken while riding a bus through San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood used Find My iPhone to follow the phone as it drove through that city. Two weeks later it was in China.

The San Francisco Standard says the woman expressed frustration that police weren’t more helpful, especially as she gave them the exact location of the iPhone. It wasn’t long before the iPhone popped up in Shenzhen, China.

When reached by the website while vacationing in Brazil, the woman said she was planning to move away from San Francisco.

Ex-Delaware State Trooper gets six months for iPhone theft

A former Delaware state trooper who pleaded guilty to stealing a package handling company in September has been sentenced to six months in federal prison. Delaware Online reported.

The thefts involved hundreds of iPhones that the man stole from the company and later sold on Facebook. Back in 2021, Delaware State Police had confiscated an iPhone from the ex-soldier’s home fearing he would delete evidence.

iPhone stolen amid ‘bad blood’ between two Irishmen, court says

A pub owner in Ireland has been accused of stealing an iPhone from a man with whom he has had “bad blood” for years. While the pub owner denies the theft, the judge found the iPhone in question was traced to a 4-inch pipe behind the man’s bar.

After The Irish Examinerthe pub owner, has been convicted in the case, which revolves around events in 2021. At the time, Find My iPhone had tracked the man’s phone to the pipe.

The accused was fined 400 euros.

Man who ordered an iPhone got back four bags and a pad

A man in Singapore who ordered an iPhone 14 Pro Max on a peer-to-peer e-commerce site received four air-filled plastic bags and a wooden cube instead.

After Mothership, the buyer usually buys from Apple authorized retailers, but this time had a coupon, so he used Shopee. After the company’s customer service representatives were unhelpful, he filed a complaint with the police. The site eventually apologized to the man and refunded his purchase.

Brit arrested for fraud after allegations of stealing iPhones and iPads

A 29-year-old woman who made at least nine false reports about stolen or damaged items has been given a suspended sentence. After Manchester evening newsthe woman pleaded guilty to nine counts of fraud by misrepresentation and possession of criminal property.

The woman had claimed several iPhones had been stolen, as well as an iPad, watches and high-end bags.