Gump Twitter Thanksgiving: Alabama fans tell us what they’re grateful for

There really is no better place to reflect on your blessings this Thanksgiving season than Twitter, especially Alabama Football Twitter — or as real fans call it, “Gump Twitter.”

Populated by witty, charming, rabid, and downright hilarious personalities who enrich the Crimson Tide athletics experience year-round, these Bammers bring clarity and laughter, whether it’s celebrating the final round of Joyless Murderball or a rare last-second defeat damn .

But we asked some of Gump Twitter’s best accounts to stop and think about what they’re most grateful for as Alabama fans in 2022. And they’re not FOGs (Football-Only Gumps) because they appreciate everything that Crimson Tide athletics produces and after the fall.

We need some perspective in a season that hasn’t lived up to most people’s expectations considering how many wins the fan base has had over the past two decades under Nick Saban. So we knew we could count on some of the best Twitter followers on this free site, who can often get out of hand faster than an uncle talking politics at the Thanksgiving table.

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Follow them and read what they shared below:

Alabama Pro updates (@BamaProUpdates)

“Since 2020 I value every sporting event (soccer and otherwise) as a gift because we have seen how quickly it can be taken away. I’m grateful for the strong relationships that have developed from the strong connection Alabama athletics has had since (particularly within the Twitter community). My online friends are now my real friends. I am also very grateful for the great season of the football team!”

Ascot Friday (@Ascot_Friday)

“I’m grateful for a number of things this football season in Alabama.

1) Bryce Young. Without that magic wizard of a QB, our beloved Tide would have had no fewer than 4 losses this season.

2) I may be alone here, but I have gratitude to the SEC umpires and video replay officials. These guys are doing a great job! We need these ratings to ensure the call on the field is accurate. Sure, they only get it right half the time, but at the very least they disrupt the flow of the game and the fan experience by getting it wrong, even with the benefit of poorly placed HD cameras and a nebulous definition of what constitutes aiming. More reviews I say!

3) I’m grateful for the harsh penalties other SEC programs face when their fans rush onto the field and endanger the players and coaches. Boy what a deterrent! It clearly works.

4) Steve Sarkisian and his tenure. Sometimes during that season I would go back and watch the highlights of his time here in Alabama and just admire the way he played. I’m not sure why I would do that, but I just felt the need to go back and look at an offense that is creative, explosive and enjoyable to watch.”

Lacey Cencula (@dddrop_the_lace)

“This year I’m grateful for Bryce Young, without whom we would literally be nothing. I am grateful to Alabama Soccer, Cross Country and (soon to be) Tide Hoops for carrying on the Championship School legacy. And most of all, I’m grateful that ‘Feels Like ’98’ turned out to be ‘Feels Like Winning No Titles’.”

Paul T Graham (@PaulTGraham)

“I am grateful that Brandon Miller is living in Tuscaloosa for the next six months. I’m grateful for the pitching team Coach Bohannon put together for this spring. I am very grateful this year #IronBowlOfFootball is at Bryant-Denny-Saban Stadium, where Auburn hasn’t even bothered to show up since the middle of the 3rd quarter of the 2014 game. And I’m very thankful that my team isn’t just trying 1 to 2 to fire their head soccer coach this calendar year.

Finally, I’m thankful for my family, co-workers, friends (the E variant and personal type) and the greatest navy in the world, including my son somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean this Thanksgiving.”

Roger Patrick Myers (@rogerpatmyers)

“This Thanksgiving season, as Gump Coach, I am grateful to Saban and what he has built in Tuscaloosa. When two losses in the last game against the top 10 teams along the way is a big disappointment, you know you have something special. And I have a feeling Coach will use this as fuel for the final run (5-7 years?) of his amazing career and come back strong and play Joyless Saban Murderball again. #RollTide #BelieveInTheProcess

Brian Oliu (@BrianOliu)

“I’m grateful for the camaraderie that brings Alabama fans together: whether it’s watching Bryce Young literally transform into a magician out of the bag, or the shared grumbles that arise when the theatrical performance goes awry. I’m thankful for friends who trade tickets, for that box of peanut M&Ms at the movie theater when it’s 6 p.m. Kick, and you haven’t eaten since you snagged a handful of Sweet Heat from a stranger, for parking lot tailgating and trampling grass alike. I’m grateful to be able to work with newcomers as they shy away from being placed on special teams, only to see them become legends in a few years. I’m really thankful for all of that, even the frustrating 3rds and longs – because sometimes you get a 2nd and 26th or a comeback on the plains and it’s worth it.”

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