The AAA author thought Huntsville was great

HUNTSVILLE — Huntsville’s steady growth and regional economic prosperity, booming job market, and wobbly housing affordability are a mystery to outsiders, but some journalists are certainly digging in why US News & World Report named Huntsville the best place to live in the US in 2022-23.

Travel professional and travel guide author Jessica Fender published an exposé entitled “Why you should visit Huntsville, Alabama” in the December issue of AAA magazine.

Fender’s detailed description of Huntsville’s many delights comes as no shock to us who live in the Tennessee Valley, but her story shows how people who have never spent time in North Alabama are in for a big surprise when they arrive.

Fender spent time in Huntsville researching the story, and a footnote at the end of the lengthy story said, “Jessica Fender liked Huntsville so much that she was tempted to move there, too.”

Huntsville’s natural treasures set the story in motion.

“It’s surrounded by mountain ridges and dotted with expansive green spaces,” writes Fender. “World-class arts and entertainment venues attract creatives of all kinds, and their scientific achievements have changed the world.”

She highlights the region’s forest trails, lakes and many waterways as one of the reasons why hiking has become such a popular pastime in the region. and cites Blevins Gap Nature Preserve, Monte Sano Nature Preserve and Wheeler Wildlife Refuge as inspiration for everything from bird watching to nature-inspired art, boating/kayaking and fishing.

Fender recounts a conversation she had while hiking the Monte Sano Trails with a Kansas transplant woman who said, “The outdoors was one of the best aspects of my move to Huntsville a decade ago.”

She speaks about the music, arts and theater offered at some of Huntsville’s most popular venues such as Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment, the Huntsville Museum of Art, the Orion Amphitheater, Campus 805 and the newly renovated Lumberyard.

Following the “geek factor,” she shares the history of the US Space and Rocket Center, the legendary Space Camp and Marshall Space Flight Center and its contributions to space, spanning from the Apollo program that put Huntsville on the map to to the work done therein, Huntsville reports on the current launch and successful return of the Artemis I lunar mission.

Finally, she points out the many hotels and lodgings in Huntsville, including the AAA Four Diamond 106 Jefferson with its location in the heart of downtown and its Baker & Able Rooftop Bar.

AAA, a travel and automobile association, has 60 million members in the United States and Canada.

Having your recommendation is a blast Huntsville.

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