The depth of basketball in Michigan State will be tested against Alabama

If you woke up late Wednesday night (or early Thursday morning), you were unlucky enough to see bad news for Michigan State basketball.

The Spartans were already worried about Jaden Akins’ health earlier in the week after pinching his foot against Villanova, but his X-rays were negative. But now another player has been injured and will be out for a while.

That player is Malik Hall, who actually sustained a foot injury last season and missed some practice time as a result.

Apparently he has injured his foot again and will be out for PK85 on Thursday night and could be out for a couple of weeks according to Brendan Quinn.

It’s an extremely hard blow for a team that has already lacked depth this season. The Spartans started the year with 10 grantees, and with Hall out, that number dwindles to nine. If Akins is also out, Michigan State will be on eight scholarships, and that could force a guy like Jason Whitens to act.

Michigan State’s basketball depth is undergoing a major test

Okay, we already know it lacks depth, but the three guys from the bench (Tre Holloman, Jaxon Kohler, and Carson Cooper) have an opportunity to earn some extra time.

We were able to see the five Spartan starters for over 30 minutes each as Hall and Akins were injured which could cause serious fatigue in a weekend tournament.

Not only will it test depth, but the team will have a tournament-like path to the PK85 title game and if the Spartans can win a game or two this weekend it would be huge for confidence going forward. It won’t be easy without two potential key players.