A great honor is bestowed on the Montana Grizzly basketball legend

Anyone who believes that a combination of fierce competition and genuine humility cannot exist in one person has never met that person.

In a stressful, challenging and pressureful job, these two qualities coexisted beautifully for decades. Still, no doubt.

Treat all opponents with respect and dignity. Praise all opponents before and after a game, win or lose. As merciful in defeat as in victory. An iconic figure in the annals of Montana Grizzly Athletics will soon receive more well-deserved recognition.

University of Montana sports information director Joel Carlson tells us that there are only four Division 1 college basketball courts named after one of the basketball coaches from each of those schools: Tennessee (Pat Summit), North Carolina State (Kay Yow), Texas A&M (Gary Blair) and Arkansas-Little Rock (Joe Foley).

That will change in less than three months.

Today (Monday), the University of Montana officially announced that the Montana basketball teams will compete at Robin Selvig Court at Dahlberg Arena. The same Robin Selvig who played for the Grizzly men’s basketball team and whose name adorns a pre-existing arena banner commemorating his 865 wins while coaching Montana’s women’s basketball program from 1978-2016. Coach was still in his 20s when he competed over the Lady Griz, well before women’s basketball was even recognized by the NCAA. It’s been 38 years of honeymoon that thousands of devoted Lady Griz fans wished would never end. And so beautifully documented in the documentary The House That Rob Built.

Banners are wonderful. Court naming takes it to a grander level. The first game at Robin Selvig Court is Saturday, February 11 when Lady Griz hosts Weber State. Other activities related to the celebration will be planned and announced in advance.

Personally speaking, as the announcer for Lady Griz PA, I can’t wait to be a part of this celebration for one of the really good guys I have so much admiration and respect for. I’m sure he’s already working on some hilarious and unassuming self-deprecating quips as part of his acceptance speech.

Image courtesy of U of Montana Sports Information.

Image courtesy of U of Montana Sports Information.

Congratulations Rob! Griz Nation is proud.

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