A Montana paperboy loses his job just before the holidays?

Did you deliver newspapers as a child? I did. I’ve been stuffing newspapers for the Glasgow Courier in Glasgow, Montana, since at least 4th grade.

This is how I made money playing video games at Pizza Hut and getting some nacho cheese oles at Taco Johns in Glasgow! I then delivered the Chicago Tribune south of Chicago in my junior high years. It was a great way to make money as a kid and not have to wear the fake Jordans again.

My grandparents also delivered newspapers as children and my great-grandfather also worked for the courier back then.

I’m sure many of you worked as a newspaper boy or girl when you were children. Check out below the call we received from a listener in Livingston, Montana.

(Note: We’ve reached out to the newspaper to confirm the story and get a response Tuesday morning, and will update the story if/when we get a response.)

Paperboy loses his job in Livingston, Montana?

We received a call Tuesday morning from a radio listener in Livingston, Montana. He told us he got a message from his paperboy with the morning paper this week. He said his paperboy was doing an incredible job…but now it looks like he’ll be out of a job.

Randy in Livingston told us on the phone that his paperboy is a great young man. He said that the paperboy left a note saying he would no longer have a job because the newspaper made him pay for insurance to deliver newspapers. I asked Randy to send us a photo of the note. It can be seen in the edited image above, with the newsboy’s name omitted from the note.

This is the note:

I regret to inform you that Livingston Enterprise has terminated my employment. Since they cannot afford insurance, they force us to pay. My last day to deliver is November 25, 2022. I have enjoyed being able to deliver your newspaper for the past 3 years. Sorry for any inconvenience. Happy Holidays!

As I said above, if we get any feedback from the newspaper, we will let you know to confirm the story or let us know their reaction. I know that the Livingston Enterprise was recently bought by the same company that owns the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. Adams Publishing bought nearly a dozen other small-town newspapers in Montana.

(By the way, I would give Livingston Enterprise kudos for the past few years. They’ve reported stories that I don’t recall getting noticed by the major newspapers or the local TV stations – including the story about LGBT propaganda shown to elementary school students and the story about a little boy who got kicked off his school bus for not having a mask.)

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