ESPN College GameDay footage from Montana fans is pure perfection

This recording by the ESPN College GameDay crew and all the dedicated fans at both Montana State University and the University of Montana is one of the best out there!

This gives you a sense of what Montana is really about; Support for our universities, community interaction, kids having fun OUTDOORS, mountain views, I could go on and on.

This drone footage captures some of the key moments of the entire GameDay experience. The signs that the fans made, the set-up with a view of the mountains and of course the choice of the mascot. In this game, Corso was 100% correct!

Check out the footage below. You may have made it to the big screen on one of Montana’s most historic game days.

In the end, the Bobcats dominated the Griz with a final score of 55-21. The cats also dominated the “Can the Griz” food campaign, which provides food to hundreds of Montanans.

Check out some of the best Gameday signs here. I won’t lie… some are damn smart!


What’s next for the Cats after winning the 121st Brawl of the Wild? They have a reunion this week and depending on other teams we’ll be up against either the University of North Dakota Hawks or the Weber State Wild Cats.

Personally, I’m hoping for an AND win over Weber State for two reasons: 1) I’m from North Dakota so I feel compelled to cheer for them, and 2) I don’t think they stand a chance against our Bobcats!


Montana State University Gold Rush Game 2022

The day was hot and so were the Bobcats. The first game of the season against McNeese State, and the Bobcats were ready to send those cowboys back south.

Temperatures approaching 100 degrees didn’t stop our Bobcats OR their dedicated fans. Bobcat Football brings cheer to fans of all ages and is part of a dream for many youngsters. Future Bobcats here? I hope so, they already have an amazing spirit!

The Bobcats took the win with ease, staying one step ahead of the McNeese Cowboys. The team looked fresh and ready and the end result proved they were ready to come out on top in the season opener.

With a final score of 40-17, the Bobcats put the South boys back on the plane with their first loss of the season and the first win for our Bobcats.

Week two is upon us with a home game on September 10th, which will also bring the Military Appreciation game. Just a way we like to show our military personnel an extra THANK YOU.

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Montana State University football homecoming 2022

Montana State Bobcats celebrate homecoming in 2022 by beating Idaho State. Check out the highlights, the Spirit Quad, Champ and the rest of the crew. GO CATS!