Forget about Santas at the mall. Instead, pose with stuffed animals


“Yellowstone National Park: Invasion of the Idiots!” Facebook group

Forget about Santas at the mall. People flock to a mall in Montana where they can ride bison and moose and “ride” reindeer on Santa’s sleigh.

Don’t worry, the animals come from a taxidermy shop.

Jen Mignard, admin of the popular Facebook group Yellowstone National Park: Invasion of The Idiots, posted photos taken at Big Sky Rides at Rimrock Mall in Billings, Montana. In the photos, she appears to be riding a bison, a moose, and driving a sled with a fluffy white reindeer racing through “snow.”

“I see Christmas cards,” one user commented on the post.

“We spent this morning petting fluffy cows, riding high-capacity petrels, mounting elk and herding reindeer!” Mignard wrote on the post. “A glamor shot astride a bison…. The bucket list is getting shorter and shorter!”

Mignard joked that the best part is that she doesn’t have to “report in for any of this at a court hearing in Mammoth,” like someone who molests wildlife in Yellowstone National Park has to.

“Big Sky Rides at Rimrock Mall in Billings, MT offers a unique opportunity to take vacation photos with some lovely, docile bison, moose and reindeer,” she wrote. “You stand perfectly still as you ascend!”

“You look great sitting up there,” commented one user. “I’m glad there won’t be a court date.”

“Or hospitalizations!” another chimed in.

She said the experience was great from start to finish. It costs $25 for a framed print or $35 for multiple digital images, she said.

“Digital photos were my choice, just for you Invasion Nation!” she said.

Hundreds of users commented on the post, most joking about Mignard’s improper riding gear or how “docile” the animals were. Many wrote that they wanted to plan a trip to Rimrock Mall for their own Yellowstone-inspired vacation photos.

Mignard also shared that the business owners are retiring and the “amazing little business” is up for sale. She offered to match interested buyers with the seller’s representative.

“We’ll be in Billings for Thanksgiving,” one user wrote. “I have to go to Rimrock.”

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