I tried unsuccessfully to save a dying girl at the scene of an accident, only to find out later that it was my DAUGHTER

A MEDIC who fought in vain to save a teenage accident victim was horrified to later find out it was her own daughter.

Montana Erickson, 17, was injured so badly in the accident in Alberta, Canada that her mother didn’t recognize her as she spent more than 20 minutes trying to keep her alive.

Jayme Erickson had no idea she was trying to save her own daughter


Jayme Erickson had no idea she was trying to save her own daughterPhoto credit: YouTube/Calgary Herald
17-year-old Montana died in hospital three days after the crash


17-year-old Montana died in hospital three days after the crashPhoto credit: YouTube/Calgary Herald

The teenager tragically died in hospital three days later after the November 15 horror accident.

Montana and a friend were traveling on a freeway when they lost control of the vehicle on an icy road and were struck by an oncoming truck.

Her mother, Jayme Erickson, a paramedic, was called to the scene with a colleague.

They found one of the teenagers, Montana, trapped in the car and Ms Erickson spent more than 20 minutes with her trying to keep her airway open while firefighters struggled to pull her out.

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Montana was then flown to the hospital where she died days later.

Ms Erickson said his “worst nightmare as a paramedic” then came true when minutes after arriving home, a police officer showed up to reveal her daughter had been present in the crash.

She wrote on Facebook: “The critically injured patient I had just treated was my own flesh and blood.

“My only child. My mini me. My daughter Montana.”

Ms Erickson then rushed to the hospital and found it was the one she had treated at the scene of the accident.

Richard Reed, a fellow paramedic, told reporters: “Entering the room, to her horror, she found the girl she had been sitting with in the back of the crashed vehicle, who survived, was Jayme’s own daughter.

“Jayme unknowingly kept her own daughter alive.”

Ms Erickson said she was left “heartbroken” by the death of her daughter.

She added: “I can’t help but he’s furious about the short time I’ve had with her.

“While I’m grateful for the 17 years I’ve had with her, I’m shocked and amazed.

“What would have become of you my little girl? who would you have become

“I’ll never see you graduate and walk the stage, I’ll never see you get married, I’ll never know who you would have been.

“I love you more than anything in this world. I’m shattered.”

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As it turned out, the driver of the car suffered minor injuries and was hospitalized.

The investigation into the crash continues

Ms Erickson said her


Ms Erickson said her “worst nightmare as a paramedic” had come truePhoto credit: YouTube/Calgary Herald