Preseason Notes and Thanksgiving Fun with Argos Basketball | border conference

BIG FALLS, Mon. – Well, it’s early in the season but both the Argos men’s and women’s teams have gotten off to a great start so far, with the men sitting 5-1 and the women 6-1. But with Thanksgiving on the horizon, both teams are using it as an opportunity to reflect on the holiday, refresh and recharge.

“You know, I’m happy with where we are, that’s where we wanted to be,” said Argos women’s basketball coach Bill Himmelberg. “We had a pretty tough game against country No. 1 Thomas More, measure where we are, come out of that 6-1 and ready to go into conference, have a couple of conference games and then some more nons -Conferences to work on things. So I’m very happy with where we are now and I have to get better every day.”

“We’ve got some new guys, so everyone’s learning what I’m expecting and what their role is,” said Steve Keller, Argos men’s basketball coach. “And if you had asked me if we were 5-1 at that point, I probably would have told you no. We had a great weekend last weekend. So, you know, we shot the three-ball pretty well, but the part I like most about our team is how well they share the basketball.

“Sales was a big issue for us, so we pretty much focused on that,” added Himmelberg. “So, that’s what we’re going to keep working on and just worry about the basketball.”

Richard Tieman: “Overall grade you would give your girls so far?”

Bill Himmelberg: “You know, right where we were going, so I’d say B+”

Steve Keller: “Well, I never think we do anything very well, but you know, I think we’re B-, B+, something like that.”

Alright, good starts, good grades, now all we need is good food!

-“prime rib”

Come on, we had to talk about Thanksgiving!

Here’s some holiday fun with the Argos!

RT: “What’s the most underrated Thanksgiving dish?”

-Underestimated? It must be a green bean casserole”

-“Mashed potatoes”

-“Macaroni and cheese”

– “I must say, ham”

-“Green bean casserole”

RT: “Well, a word association. Turkey.”

-“Mashed potatoes”

-“Mashed potatoes”


RT: “Okay, luckily she didn’t say mashed potatoes”

RT: “Filling”



RT: “Cake?”


RT: “Okay, the big debate, white or dark meat?”

-“I have to have dark meat”



-“It must be light meat”

-“Dark Meat”

RT: “And the best sportscaster in Great Falls is…”


RT: “Wow! Look how fast she did that. Thank you, we have a winner”

Happy Thanksgiving from Great Falls!