sweet tooth? Here are the top 5 holiday pies according to Montanans

The holiday season is here and with it come all the traditions. Decoration, shopping, socializing and of course food.

A lot of what we do this time of year revolves around food. From one-of-a-kind family recipes passed down through the years to holiday favorites, Montaners love to celebrate with culinary delights. One of the staples for the holidays is, of course, cake.

Many tables across Montana will be decked out with holiday cakes over the next few weeks, but when it comes to these classic holiday favorites, which do Montaners prefer?

In a recent poll, Montanans answered that question, and you can check out the results below.


It only makes sense that cherry pie would be a Montana favorite, especially since some of the best cherries in the world are grown here. Pitting and freezing these delicious flathead cherries for later use in a delicious holiday cake is a tradition for many Montanans.

Delicious homemade cherry pie with a flaky crust

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Rhubarb pie is very popular in the UK, but very tart. So to give it some sweetness, people tend to add strawberries and sugar to balance it out. While it’s not for everyone, many Montanans love it.

Piece of fresh strawberry and rhubarb pie on a plate

pecan pie

This southern classic is always a favorite this time of year. While there are various mods you can make (chocolate, bourbon, whiskey), one thing is for sure, there’s a good chance several Montanans will be eating a slice of pecan pie this holiday season.

Piece of freshly baked pecan pie on plate with fork.

pumpkin pie

When you think of the holidays, many Montanans think of pumpkin pie. This Thanksgiving classic is one of the most famous holiday dishes of all time. Over the years, pumpkin has become very popular in other forms such as coffee drinks, cheesecake, and even breakfast cereal. However, if you were invited to a Montana Thanksgiving, chances are you would find pumpkin pie.

Homemade delicious pumpkin pie

Apple Cake

For some reason, apple pie is a big hit in the great state of Montana. While several people picked this all-time classic, some suggested changes like adding ice cream or another fruit to complete it.

Apple Pie Isolated On White, Top View

Did your favorite holiday pie make the list? If not, which cake do you and your family enjoy on the holidays? Let us know by sending us a message through our app.

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