Thanksgiving Weather Forecast 2022

Nearly 55 million Americans will travel more than 50 miles this week as the U.S. prepares to celebrate Thanksgiving, and the FOX Forecast Center is tracking a potential storm in the East that could affect vacation plans and travel for the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Whether you’re staying local or flying nationwide, FOX Weather will protect you from any trouble the weather might throw at you.

What’s the forecast for the day before Thanksgiving?

Wednesday is shaping up to be a busy travel day as millions of Americans travel, catch a flight or board a train to get to their destination before Thanksgiving.

It doesn’t appear that the weather will be too much of a problem, and temperatures will be mild in many areas across the country.

Sunny and mostly sunny skies are likely for most areas in the Northeast. And temperatures will cooperate, with New York City likely to hit the low 50s.

Temperatures will likely be warmer heading into the mid-Atlantic and Southeast. Norfolk, Virginia could see a high temperature in the upper 50s, and Atlanta will peak around 65 degrees.

Miami will be the warm spot to the east, with a high mid-80s temp and a chance of showers and thunderstorms.

Nearly 55 million Americans will travel ahead of Thanksgiving.
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Temperatures will be cooler in the northern Plains and Intermountain West, with Fargo, North Dakota feeling a high temperature with a chance of rain in the mid-30s. The temperature should be slightly warmer in Billings, Montana, with a high temperature in the mid 40’s on Wednesday.

Sunshine is expected from Denver to Albuquerque, New Mexico, and temperatures should hit the low or mid 50s during the day.

And in the west, temperatures range from the low 50s in Seattle to the mid 50s in Reno, Nevada and the mid 70s in Los Angeles.

Thanksgiving Eve.
Miami will be the warm place in the east, with a high mid-80s temp.
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What’s the weather forecast for Thanksgiving?

The Thanksgiving weather forecast sees cooler temperatures in the eastern half of the country and thereThere is a chance of rain from the Gulf Coast to the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic, as well as to the Great Lakes, Ohio and Tennessee Valleys and parts of the Northeast.

If you’re among the thousands who gather in New York City for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, you’ll enjoy pleasant temperatures and plenty of sunshine. The winds in the Big Apple will also be light, making it much easier for the giant balloons to zoom through the city streets in the morning.

Atlanta is likely to see another day of mid-60s temperatures on Thanksgiving, and there’s a chance of some rain during the day.

Macy's parade.
Participants in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will look forward to pleasant temperatures and lots of sunshine.
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Temperatures get much cooler the further north you go, with places like Chicago and Kansas City, Missouri having high temperatures in the mid to high 40s.

Dry conditions are expected in the western half of the country on Thanksgiving, but temperatures will be cooler than Wednesday.

Temperatures will be in the mid to over 40s from Billings to Denver and Fargo will be around the freezing mark.

Seattle will also be a little warmer on Thanksgiving, with some sunshine during the day.

Los Angeles will be sunny with a high of around 80 degrees.

Thanksgiving forecast.
Dry conditions are expected in the western half of the country but temperatures will be cooler than Wednesday.
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What is the weather forecast for Black Friday?

The Black Friday weather forecast is looking good for many parts of the country as you head out to do some Christmas shopping, but there are a few places where the weather could make for slower journeys on the roads.

The FOX Forecast Center is monitoring the potential for a storm to hit the eastern half of the US on Black Friday through the weekend.

It’s becoming increasingly likely that rain and snow will disrupt plans and travel for the weekend after Thanksgiving.

New York City will experience a high temperature of around 50 degrees with a chance of rain.

Temperatures in this region will be warm enough for rain from this system, but higher elevations in the Northeast and New England may pick up some snow, but accumulation appears light beginning Sunday.

Black Friday forecast.
There is a possibility of a storm hitting the eastern half of the US on Black Friday.
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The Black Friday rain threat will extend south into the mid-Atlantic and parts of the southeast, but temperatures should be in the mid to over 50s.

The Plains appear to remain dry on Black Friday, with temperatures ranging from the mid-30s in Fargo and the Northern Plains to the high 50s in Dallas and the Southern Plains.

There will be plenty of sunshine from Denver to Albuquerque, and Billings will likely see high temperatures in the mid-50s.

Further west, Los Angeles will see another day of sunshine and warm temperatures, while Seattle will be cooler with rain in the low 50’s.

What will the weather be like over Thanksgiving weekend?

A storm system on Saturday will bring some snow to northern New England and the inner Northeast, and temperatures will be much cooler.

New York City, for example, will be around 48 degrees during the day.

Temperatures will remain in the mid to high 50s in the mid-Atlantic and Southeast, and some cloud will be mixed with sunshine.

weekend forecast.
A storm system on Saturday will bring some snow to northern New England and the inner Northeast.
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In the central part of the country, temperatures will range from the mid-30s in the northern plains to the mid-60s in the southern plains.

And to the west, a storm system will bring rain and snow from the Seattle area to the Intermountain West.

Los Angeles will experience high temperatures in the mid-70s.

And on Sunday another storm will bring rain, some at times heavy, from the plains to the Gulf Coast as well as the Mississippi Valley and stretching into the Southeast and part of the Ohio and Tennessee valleys.