The $25 million auction of the T. rex skeleton was called off at the last minute amid controversy surrounding replica bones

That t rex Specimen known as Shen on display in a Hong Kong gallery. (Photo credit: Christie’s Images Ltd. [2022])

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Selling one Tyrannosaurus rex Skeleton, which was expected to fetch up to $25 million, was controversially canceled shortly before the behemoth’s bones were auctioned off. The cancellation comes after experts raised concerns that a significant portion of the bones are actually replicas of another famous man t rex Skeleton not disclosed by the auction house.

That t rex Skeleton known as Shen was uncovered in the Hell Creek Formation in Montana and dates from 66 to 68 million years ago Cretaceous (145 million to 66 million years ago). Shen is about 12.2 meters long, 4.6 meters high and 2.1 meters wide and weighs about 1,400 kg. The dinosaur king was should be auctioned in Hong Kong on November 30 by British auction house Christie’s and would have been the first T. rex to be sold in Asia.