Who tried to kill the Duttons in Yellowstone? militia uncovered

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Yellowstone Dutton Ranch is under constant threat from those who want to get their hands on the ranch’s valuable land. This has led to the Duttons fighting dirty, meaning they are never truly safe from outside forces.

Many of the Duttons were in mortal danger at some point.

From bombs to kidnappings to shootings from passing cars, the Duttons have been targeted on multiple occasions.

yellowstone keeps his fans in suspense with the fates of his characters.

In the very first episode of the series, Lee Dutton was shot dead during a cattle dispute.

John Dutton after being shot in the TV series Yellowstone
John Dutton after being shot

So who is behind the attacks on the Duttons? Unfortunately for the Duttons, there isn’t just one person who wants to get them.

Who tried to kill the Duttons?

The Dutton family has been the subject of several attacks.

Those who attempted to kill the Duttons include the Beck brothers, Garrett Randall and Terrell Riggins with the help of the Montana Free Militia.

While they survived all of these attacks alive, there were some very close encounters. Fortunately, all of the Duttons are fighters and have been able to recover from attempts to kill them.

Beck brothers

Teal and Malcolm Beck

In season two, the Beck brothers, Malcolm and Teal, become enemies of John Dutton and his family. The brothers are hungry businessmen and real estate agents who have their own ideas for the land of Yellowstone Dutton Ranch and the Broken Rock Reservation.

In their plot against John Dutton, the Beck brothers send two masked assailants to attack Beth in her office. They tie up and brutally beat up Beth and her assistant Jason, who they end up killing.

Luckily, Beth Rip texted “office help” when the attackers arrived, allowing him to show up in time. He is able to save Beth and kill the attackers. While Beth is left badly beaten and shaken, she is ultimately fine.

Later, the Beck brothers kidnap Tate Dutton from the ranch. Once his family realizes he’s gone, they rush to rescue him after discovering the Beck brothers were behind the kidnapping.

Tate Dutton after her kidnapping in Yellowstone
Tate Dutton kidnapped on Yellowstone

After receiving information about his whereabouts from the brothers, a group led by John rescues Tate. Kayce finds a terrified Tate in a bathroom of a house with his head shaved.

While Tate is physically unharmed, he is traumatized from the whole ordeal.

What happened to the Beck brothers?

While searching for Tate, Kayce finds Teal Beck sitting on the toilet in his mansion. He proceeds to shoot him in the stomach.

Malcolm and Teal Beck at Yellowstone Dutton Ranch

Kayce then threatens him to find out Tate’s whereabouts. After getting the information he needs, Kayce shoots Teal in the chest and leg, killing him while he’s sitting on the toilet.

While Malcolm fled the scene, John shoots him dead. John then sits with Malcolm while he bleeds to death, only to walk away and leave Malcolm to die alone.

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Garret Randall

At the end of season three, Beth, Kayce, and John are attacked. Beth’s assistant opens a package that turns out to be a bomb, John is shot while helping a mother change a tire, and Kayce is attacked in his office.

Garret Randall.  Character in the television series Yellowstone
Garret Randall

Monica and Tate are also in danger at the ranch. A masked man attacks her at her home, but luckily Tate is able to shoot him before she flees to the bunkhouse.

It’s not until the fourth season premiere that we learn the results of the attacks. Beth, Kayce, Monica, Tate, and John all survive, although John was in a coma for two months following the attacks.

At this point, it’s unclear who ordered the strike against the Duttons. However, it is later revealed that Jamie’s biological father, Garrett Randall, was behind the attacks.

Randall ordered his former cellmate Terrell Riggins to conduct the attacks on the Duttons.

Who is Terrell Riggins?

Terrill Riggins

Terrell Riggins is Garrett Randall’s former cellmate who is serving a life sentence. He is the leader of the Montana Free Militia and a former Green Beret who was dishonorably discharged.

After militia member Chester Spears reveals he was part of a hit job while gambling at the Painted Horse Casino, he is captured and killed.

After that, Jamie did some digging and found Terrell Riggins and found out about his connection to Garrett.

Jamie then visits Riggins in prison and offers him full immunity and protection in exchange for the attacker’s name. Jamie then learns that his biological father, Garrett, is responsible for ordering the attacks on the Duttons.

Jamie keeps this information to herself, but Beth later learns the assailant’s true identity after paying Riggins a visit in prison.

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Who is the Militia in Yellowstone?

The Montana Free Militia is an organization led by Terrell Riggins. The organization consists of a group of mercenaries, many of whom were ex-military.

The Militia on Yellowstone

The group hides in the Crazies, a mountain range in Montana in the Northern Rocky Mountain Range.

Not only did Riggins use the militia to attack the Duttons, but the Beck brothers hired them to kidnap and kill their enemies.

What happened to Garrett Randall?

Jamie kills Garrett Randall after being threatened by Beth. Beth told Jamie she would report Jamie and Garrett to the police, she would tell Rip that Garrett tried to kill her, or that Jamie could kill Garrett himself.

Jamie begged Beth to change her mind, but she didn’t move. Realizing there is no other way out, Jamie decides to kill his father himself.

After a hearty conversation in which Garrett tells Jamie he loves him, Jamie shoots him in the head. Jamie then takes his body to the train station for disposal.

Jamie Dutton shoots his father Garrett Randall in Yellowstone Season 4

Beth takes photos there and allows John to have Jamie under his control.

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