Yellowstone lands on the top streaming charts for the first time in 5 seasons

Shortly after its 1923 premiere, Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone series topped the streaming charts for the first time in five seasons.

The Paramount Network original series yellowstone returns to the top streaming charts for the first time in five seasons. Created by Taylor Sheridan and John Linson, yellowstone first premiered in 2018 and is currently airing midway through its fifth season on the Paramount cable network, with streaming rights currently owned by NBC’s Peacock streaming service. yellowstone follows a family of ranchers in Montana as they take on others invading their lands in present-day Montana. The spinoff series 1923 and 1883 Go back in time to get the backstory of the Dutton family.


After diversityTyler Sheridan’s favorite yellowstone series has climbed the rankings and landed in the top streaming charts for the first time since it began airing. The Nielsen-tracked company says the show was likely helped by the lack of a new Season 5 episode dropping on Paramount Network this week. yellowstoneThe final episode of Season 5 aired on January 1, with the show on mid-season hiatus until Summer 2023. The show also skipped the week of December 26, the week the ratings were released. The show’s strong performance resulted in it being viewed more than 1 billion minutes that week and ranking fifth among all streaming programs.

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Why Yellowstone is drawing on Nielsen right now

Gil Birmingham Kevin Costner Cole Hauser and Wes Bentley ride horses at Yellowstone

Despite airing on cable and having a streaming presence throughout its run, the mainline show yellowstone just starting to charter on Nielsen. There could be a plethora of reasons for the recent rating, but the most likely explanation is that the show is being streamed via Peacock. Although the series airs on Paramount Network, it streams exclusively on Peacock and not Paramount+, causing confusion as to where the show can be streamed. Still, the original series has gained viewership momentum and popularity in recent seasons due to word of mouth, especially as its universe expands to include more prequels. Since there was no new episode for the week of December 26 and the upcoming mid-season break, viewers likely rewatched past episodes until the next episode aired on January 1.

The numbers suggest that most yellowstoneThe audience of is on cable via the Paramount Network. Since most viewers watch cable TV weekly, this also likely eliminated much of the show’s potential viewing audience when streaming, leading to poorer streaming minute accumulation in previous seasons. Another part of the show’s resurgent success could be attributed to the release of 1923 Spinoff series and the hype that continues to surround it. The second prequel series, which includes well-known actors such as Harrison Ford and Hellen Mirren, has likely piqued viewers’ interest as it represents an entry into Sheridan’s larger storytelling universe.

Why Yellowstone’s streaming numbers bode well

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The fact that yellowstoneThat the streaming numbers are good bodes well for the future of both the original series and Taylor Sheridan’s bigger series yellowstone Plans. With more than four seasons on the air, the show grows even bigger by expanding on the historical legacy of the Dutton family. Popularity was hardly an issue for the series either, as it spawned several spinoff series, but it’s now establishing itself as a binge-able show for viewers who got on the train late or didn’t even realize its existence prior to release had from 1923. Since the new spin-off is getting great reviews and has a weekly release schedule, yellowstone The audience makes it clear that their longing for content does not waver.

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Source: Variety