A light in the darkness: Local schools focus on tackling mental health crisis news

Educators across the state of New Hampshire and nationally are seeing a steady decline in the mental health of their students. A number of encouraging reasons could be given for this ongoing trend, but Sullivan County school staff have found that the ongoing emotional impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is a major contributor to this decline.

“It’s an interesting place where our country, our state and our community is. We’re coming off a pandemic that nobody had the playbook for and we’re managing our way,” Sunapee School District Superintendent Russell Holden said during a call at the community Abbott Library. “Now that that’s over, my teachers tell me, ‘I don’t understand what’s going on, we’re teaching the kids and they know what to do, but they have blank faces.’ The kids were underwater and they hear what we say but it’s muffled and won’t go in. We got them out from under the water and put them in the chair and now they have to remember how to breathe.” The interview was held to determine how school staff could work with the community to provide preventative care in relation to to achieve mental health deterioration.