Domestic Cat Steps In To Take Care Of Bobkitten Abandoned By Mom | Amy Christie

Photo ofCredit: Instagram/spicylilcats

A domestic cat who has already cared for many kittens has decided to also become a parent for a small bobkitten left by her mother.

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A man found a lonely bob kitten hiding in a chicken coop. He waited to see if her mother would return and take her back, but she never came to get her.

That’s when rescuers in Brentwood, New Hampshire, stepped in and picked up the bob kitten.

“The bobkitten was in great shape. Mom has clearly taken good care of her up to that point,” Caroline Wilkinson, president of the nonprofit Spicy Cats, which worked with Millstone Wildlife Center for the rescue, told The Epoch Times.

Rescuers saw that the bob kitten weighed less than 2 pounds and although healthy and quite physically strong, the bob kitten had “cried from loneliness.”

Therefore, rescuers immediately turned to Spicy Cats because of their particular focus on helping cats with special needs.

The Bobkitten soon met Honeybun, another resident of Spicy Cats. Honeybun is a domestic cat who takes care of her own kittens and has also acted as a foster mother to several nieces and nephews in the past.

“When she saw Honeybun, she just lit up and started playing with her,” Wilkinson recalls.

Although this friendship was unlikely, the domestic cat and the wild cat liked each other from the first meeting.

“We were hoping it would go this well but as far as we know it has never been done so it was a gamble. When we saw them accepting immediately it was such a relief; we were glad that the bobkitten wouldn’t be lonely anymore,” added Wilkinson.

The rescue plan to reunite the abandoned bobkitten with another slightly older bobkitten at Millstone Wildlife Center in the next few weeks.

Photo ofCredit: Instagram/spicylilcats

“She loves to play with Honeybun and Honeybun will take care of her,” Wilkinson added of the wonderful bond between the mother cat and the sad Bobkitten, who has found someone to care for her.

And in exchange for all the love she gets from the house cat, the Bobkitten loves to snuggle and chew on Honeybun’s ears while the cat patiently lets her play around.

Spicy Cats also reassured everyone that the house cat was not in any danger.

“The bob kitten is only a few weeks old. Although she is similar in height to Honey, her mentality is very childish; she just wants to cuddle and play. They are still being monitored very closely,” they pointed out.

The sanctuary believes Honeybun, who has such a strong motherly feeling for all kittens, will one day find her forever at home and make a “great pet for someone”.