FCS Postseason Rematch Breakdown


A rematch between South Dakota State and North Dakota State in the FCS playoffs would be a well-received championship game.

Or a rematch between Holy Cross and Fordham – arguably the regular-season game of the year – and Montana State and Weber State in the second round.

Similarly, Southern could get another shot at Jackson State in the SWAC Championship Game.

If any of this happens, would the post-season result be the same as the regular season?

It’s more likely in SWAC, which has hosted an annual championship game since 1999. The team that won the regular season matchup has completed a sweep twice as often as the regular season loser, who won the more important second matchup. It’s a 14-7 advantage.

In a period similar to the playoffs — since 2000, or half of the 44 total postseasons — it was more common for the regular-season loser to win second time — 26 of 49 matchups.

Here’s a breakdown of the results when two teams face off for the second time in the postseason:

SWAC Championship Game (1999-present)

A team wins two meetings
2019: Alcorn State via Southern
2018: Alcorn State via Southern
2017: Grambling State over Alcorn State
2016: Grambling State over Alcorn State
2014: Alcorn State via Southern
2012: Arkansas-Pine Bluff via Jackson State
2010: Texas Southern via State of Alabama
2009: Prairie View A&M via Alabama A&M
2008: Grambling State over Jackson State
2005: Grambling State over Alabama A&M
2003: South over the state of Alabama
2002: Grambling State over Alabama A&M
2000: Grambling State via Alabama A&M
1999: South over Jackson State
Postseason winner gets split
2015: Alcorn State vs. Grambling State
2013: Southern vs. Jackson State
2011: Grambling State vs. Alabama A&M
2007: Jackson State vs. Grambling State
2006: Alabama A&M vs. Arkansas-Pine Bluff
2004: State of Alabama vs. Southern
2001: Grambling State vs. Alabama State

FCS Playoffs (since 2000)

A team wins two meetings
2020: State of South Dakota via Southern Illinois
2019: State of North Dakota over State of Illinois
2018: East Washington via UC Davis
2018: State of North Dakota over State of South Dakota
2017: Wofford over Furman
2016: James Madison on New Hampshire
2015: Charleston Southern above the Citadel
2015: State of Illinois via Western Illinois
2015: Jacksonville State via Chattanooga
2015: State of North Dakota via northern Iowa
2015: Richmond via William & Mary
2014: East Washington via Montana
2014: State of North Dakota over State of South Dakota
2013: Eastern Illinois via Tennessee State
2013: New Hampshire via Maine
2013: Southeast Louisiana via Sam Houston
2012: State of North Dakota over State of South Dakota
2009: Villanova via William & Mary
2008: James Madison on Villanova
2006: State of Illinois via Eastern Illinois
2006: UMass over New Hampshire
2006: State of Youngstown via State of Illinois
2001: Georgia Southern via Appalachian State
Postseason winner gets split
2021: Montana vs. East Washington
2019: Weber State vs. Montana
2019: Northern Iowa vs. State of South Dakota
2017: Furman vs. Elon
2017: Kennesaw State vs. Samford
2017: State of South Dakota vs. Northern Iowa
2017: Weber State vs. Southern Utah
2016: San Diego vs. Cal Poly
2016: Wofford vs. the Citadel
2016: State of North Dakota vs. State of South Dakota
2015: Colgate vs. New Hampshire
2015: Sam Houston vs. McNeese
2015: State of North Dakota vs. Montana
2014: State of Illinois vs. Northern Iowa
2010: Georgia Southern vs. Wofford
2009: Villanova vs. New Hampshire
2008: Montana vs. Weber State
2005: Appalachian State vs. Furman
2005: Cal Poly vs. Montana
2004: William & Mary vs. Delaware
2004: James Madison vs. William & Mary
2004: Montana vs. Sam Houston
2002: Western Kentucky vs. Western Illinois
2002: Western Kentucky via McNeese
2001: Furman vs. Georgia Southern
2000: Appalachia State vs. Troy State

Jesse Abrahams, Jake Coyne, and Josiah Sukumaran made research contributions.