Men go 5-0 in the first NFC meeting of the season

Anthony Rabinkov 25 (Photo by

Anthony Rabinkov 25 (Photo by

WALTHAM, Mass. – The Brandeis University fencing teams put on an excellent first home performance of the season, winning 11 of their 12 games today in the first Northeast Fencing Conference tournament of the season. The men were 5-0 while the women went 6-1.


  • Brandeis Men, 5-3.
  • Brandeis women, 6-4.


  • Def. Sacred Heart, 18-9 (S, 7-2; F, 6-3; E, 5-4)
  • Def. UMass, 19-8 (S, 7-2; F, 9-0; E, 3-6)
  • Def. New Hampshire, 24-3 (S, 9-0; F, 8-1; E, 7-2)
  • Def. Boston U., 22-5 (S, 9-0; F, 9-0; E, 4-5)
  • Def. Brown, 17-10 (S, 8-1; F, 1-8; E, 8-1)


  • Def Smith, 25-2 (S, 8-1; F, 8-1; E 7-2)
  • Def. Sacred Heart, 21-6 (S, 6-3; F, 9-0; E, 6-3)
  • Def. UMass, 24-3 (S, 9-0; F, 8-1; E, 7-2)
  • Def. Wellesley, 14-13 (S, 8-1; F, 1-8; E, 5-4)
  • Def. UNH, 27-0 (S, 9-0; F, 9-0; E, 9-0)
  • Def. Boston U, 25-2 (S, 9-0; F, 9-0; E, 7-2)
  • L. Brown, 5-22 (S, 3-6; F, 1-8; E, 1-8)


  • The men easily defeated their lone college opponent of the day, Sacred Heart, 18-9, winning all three weapons.
  • The Judges suffered just three roster losses in the men, with Saber improving 5-0 to 7-1 that season. Foil went 4-1 and Degen was 3-2.
  • The women were 2-1 against college opponents, defeating Sacred Heart 25-2 and beating Wellesy 14-13 before losing to Brown 22-5 in their last game of the day.
  • The saber troop and the epee troop each went 5-1.


  • The most dramatic game of the day featured the women and Wellesley.
  • The Saber squad went 8-1 with 3-0 records through the seniors Maggie Shealy (Chapel Hill, NC/East Chapel Hill) and first graders Kat Xikes (Chatham, NJ / Chatham).
  • The Degen squad won their first five bouts as a sophomore Bronwyn Rothman-Hall (San Francisco, California / Ruth Asawa School of the Arts) went 2-1 but Wellesley won the last four to close the gap.
  • Foil Senior Sammy Shortall (Norwell, Massachusetts / Norwell) clinched a decisive victory. Blue won the first eight foil fights, seven being decided by three or four touches. Shortall fought back and won the ninth and final fight 5-1 to give the judges the overall win.


  • Shealy went 21-0 in the women’s saber unbeaten that day while Xikes was 16-5.
  • second grader Ellen Zhen (Newton, Mass. / Newton South) faced the Judges Club opponents, going 12-0 for the Foil Squad during shortall and first-year Hannah Du (Winchester, Massachusetts / Winchester) each scored 10 wins.
  • second grader Calla Lee (Duluth, Georgia / Lambert) led the Epee roster with 12 wins while Rothman-Hall and Senior Monica Aponte (San Juan, PR / St. John’s School) each had 11 wins.
  • For the men in their second year Anthony Rabinkov (Centennial, Colorado / Cherry Creek) led the judges with eight wins and an 8-1 record for the Saber Squad, including 3-0 wins over BU and Brown. classmate Tony Escueta (Grand Prairie, Texas / Abeka Home School Academy) went 7-1.
  • Junior Chaemin Daniel Lee (Jericho, NY / Jericho) had the best unbeaten mark of the day and went 7-0 for the foil team as a senior Jake Hempe (Coram, NY / Newfield) went 7-2.
  • second grader Ethan Hortelano (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania / Cary Academy) produced seven wins for the men’s epee team with a 7-5 score.


  • The judges are home for their next meeting, the Brandeis Invitational, on December 4th.