Nashua Police are still seeking tips and are searching for a woman who has been missing for 3 years

NASHUA, NH — April Jean Bailey, a Nashua mother, has been missing for three years.

Bailey was last seen leaving her basement apartment at 45 Lynn St. in the evening hours of January 15, 2020 while carrying the trash outside. She was living with her boyfriend when she was reported missing.

Bailey, 39, is white, about 5ft, 3 inches tall and weighs about 130 pounds. She has long black hair and blue eyes. Bailey wore dark pajama bottoms or black sweatpants, slippers and a black jacket with fur. She also has a butterfly tattoo on her right shoulder as well as the word “Sister” and the names “Damien”, “Savahna” and “Manuel”.

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Bailey was reported missing by her family on January 20, 2020 after being without contact with family and friends for a few days. Her cell phone, purse and other personal items were left at her home.

Det. Lt. Joshua Albert of the Nashua Police Department Criminal Investigation Department said the Bailey case “is still an open investigation” and she has not been found.

Find out what’s happening in Nashuawith free real-time patch updates.

“We’re still actively working on the case,” he said. “We still get tips occasionally, but certainly not as frequently as we did the year after.”

A body found on Fisherville Road in Concord in October 2020 was suspected to be Bailey but was quickly ruled out after police identified the woman.

After about a year of searching for Bailey, the FBI joined the investigation. Both authorities classified her disappearance as suspicious.

The FBI, in a Tweet mid-March 2021noted that she had ties to both Boston, Massachusetts, and Glen Falls, New York, although no details were given about the other locations and her connection to the case.

In April 2021, the Nashua Police Dive Team and firefighters and New Hampshire State Police K-9 units searched a body of water at the end of Burke Street, Joyce Park and the Wildlife Sanctuary. Authorities acted in conjunction with a police drone unit on a tip related to the case.

The area near a parking lot next to an abandoned building was searched for several hours but nothing related to the investigation was found.

Albert said searching the reserve was “not a waste of time or a lost cause” although nothing was found “because it was out of the question”. Often, he said, searches aren’t just a matter for the criminal investigation department — they’re an attempt to rule things out.

In September 2021, People Magazine featured the case as part of a series on missing mothers across the United States.

Previous press reports have noted that Bailey struggled with substance abuse. She was also arrested several times by the police. However, according to family members, Bailey was clean and sober when she disappeared. Family members also said she never just got up and left like she did on January 15, 2020.

Albert said he would not comment on whether a suspect had officially surfaced. He said the New Hampshire Attorney General’s office was “reviewing the facts and circumstances of the case.”

Albert said the department allocated many resources to the case, although the resources expended “may not be covered or seen by the public” and Bailey has not been located. But, he added, “it happens and it happens,” noting the department had worked with outside agencies, dogs, boats, helicopters and up to 30 staff.

“Even for a small clue or proof,” he said, “that’s a lot of resources.”

Albert said there was a sighting report about a month ago but “it didn’t work out”. Tips have led investigators not only to bodies of water not far from Lynn Street, but also around New Hampshire and New England.

“We have a really good agency,” he said. “We take investigations very seriously.”

Anyone with information or knowledge of April Bailey’s whereabouts should contact the Nashua Police Department at 603-594-3500 or remain anonymous by contacting the Nashua Crime Line 603-589-1665.

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