NJ man sent back to jail for threatening to kill federal agents

A New Jersey man arrested years ago after stalking Donald Trump has been sentenced to prison for threatening to kill federal agents.

Frank Monte was convicted of three counts of threatening a federal law enforcement officer and two counts of transmitting threats in interstate commerce stemming from threatening phone calls in 2019.

The Oak Ridge native was sentenced to a 57-month prison term in federal court in Newark on Monday. He was sentenced in March.

Monte is 52, US Attorneys confirmed on Tuesday afternoon.

Long before Trump ran for election and became president, Monte became obsessed with him — making hundreds of calls to the real estate mogul’s office and showing up in person, as reported by the New York Daily News.

Trump Tower in Manhattan (Image by Google Maps, 2016) NJ man stalked Trump, now in jail for threatening federal agents

Trump Tower in Manhattan (Google Maps, image 2016)

Arrested at Trump Tower

He was arrested in 2014 after entering Trump Tower and removing a photo of himself with a security tag saying he was not allowed to enter the building.

Monte, a Navy veteran, was being held in a New York prison during a trial over his icon’s election as US President.

In December 2016, he told a judge during a hearing, “Please advise Donald that I will be in the United States Supreme Court on or about January 20 when he enters the Oval Office,” reported the New York Post .

Monte was eventually released in the spring of 2017 after his attorney argued that he had wasted the maximum amount of time lying on paperwork by falsely listing Trump as a board member of a company he was trying to start.

Then, in July 2019, Monte repeatedly called the US Department of Veterans Affairs police emergency number on the campus of the VA Lyons Hospital, once threatening to “shoot” a VA police officer.

Three months later, Monte called the office of a US Congressman and spoke to an employee, threatening to attack a certain US Secret Service special agent if he ever showed up in New Jersey.

He repeated the same threat in a separate call to a US Capitol Police special agent.

Before his obsession with Trump led to his stint in Riker’s prison and psychiatric facilities, he served at least four years in the Florida prison for aggravated stalking.

At the time, Monte was working as a real estate agent. He was released in 2012.

In addition to nearly five years in federal prison, the judge on Monday sentenced Monte to three years of supervised imprisonment.

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