Revolutionary War soldiers at New Hudson Cemetery receive a historical marker

Ambrose Orvis and James Wilsey are unique residents of New Hudson Cemetery.

Of all the people buried there, they are the only ones known to have served in the Revolutionary War. Today, however, few people know these patriots who immigrated to the municipality of Lyon towards the end of their lives and died within four months in 1844.

“Most Revolutionary War soldiers are buried on the East Coast,” said Kristi Mulligan, historian of the Grand River Trail Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. “Some that have made it to the West are very special. Ambrose moved here in 1842 and James in 1838… We hope to draw attention to these two gentlemen. It’s something special to have them here.”

Daughters and Sons of the American Revolution chapters held pre-250th anniversary celebrations as part of the National Society’s effort to honor Revolutionary War soldiersth anniversary of the United States.