The fairness of everything

Robert E. Ducharme

“Fairness is what justice really is.” – PotterStewart

There’s a fairly well-known saying in the law that says, “You can’t murder your parents and then be an orphan and beg the court for pity.” The New Hampshire Supreme Court recently issued an opinion consistent with that saying, saying: upheld a higher court decision in which the presiding judge upheld fines imposed by a board totaling $700 and legal fees payable to the association in excess of $12,000.00. and ascending.

That might sound a bit unfair or draconian, but it’s not. It’s the law and it’s fair. let me explain.

In Brandywyne Common Condominium v. Wang (issued October 18, 2022 to the solicitors reading this column), the owner lived off-site and rented his condominium in Derry. It appears his tenant wasn’t the most community-minded resident.