This is New Jersey’s favorite comfort food

We’re stepping into one of the best times of the year for food: Thanksgiving turkey and its delicacies lead us straight into the holiday season of roasts, Christmas cookies, and gingerbread men.

But what food do the people of New Jersey turn to for comfort? According to a survey, the answer is obvious.

The research was conducted by a website called “Comfortable Food”. Of course, they don’t reveal what went into compiling the list, so you don’t know if it’s just one person’s opinion or if they studied Google results or what; They simply compiled a list of the best home cooking for each state.

The food they chose for New Jersey (and accidentally waded into one of the big disputes in the state) is the Taylor Ham Sandwich.

Your description leads me to believe the authors have never had one:

The Taylor Ham Sandwich is the favorite food for New Jersey residents. It’s a mix of pork bun, cheese and hamburger bun or toasted rye bread to make a mix of deliciousness.

Nothing like a bun, nothing like egg, cheese, salt, pepper or ketchup. They link to a pork bun sandwich recipe, but it includes coleslaw and Thousand Island dressing.

Not your typical New Jersey breakfast order. You can see the recipe here.

Dennis Malloy photo

Dennis Malloy photo

They betray their unfamiliarity with pork buns in another way: the recipe says that if you don’t have pork buns, you can substitute thin slices of spam! For real?!?!

I would have voted for pizza anyway.

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