Transgender pioneer Gerri Cannon is leaving the Somersworth NH school board

SOMERSWORTH — Gerri Cannon said she will step down from the city school board to have more time for her other duties, including as the New Hampshire state legislator-elect.

Cannon, who has been on the school board for five years, is in her third term as state representative at the New Hampshire House and recently started a new job. Something had to give, she said.

Cannon made history as one of the first two openly transgender people elected to serve in the New Hampshire House as a state representative, beginning in January 2019 after being elected in November 2018. She was re-elected in 2020 and again on November 8, 2022 and will begin her third term in January 2023.

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Cannon, who was re-elected to the school board in 2021, said she almost did not serve that term. She said people pushed her to run away, so she did. But when she felt the need to take some personal time, she decided to forgo it.

Discussing the Somersworth schools’ transgender policy was difficult for Cannon

Cannon said working with the school board earlier this year on a policy for transgender students was one of the reasons she began reevaluating her role on the board.